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Our Mission

SkidNation is a group of MX-5 enthusiasts who thanks to our diverse skills develop custom parts to make our cars even better and more fun. Here we’d like to share the results of our efforts with you, the MX-5 community. With parts made locally we support local businesses and keep the quality uncompromised.

All our parts are highly functional and tested for months or even years. With effective product design we aim to provide great performance and high value for money. We use the earnings for development of new exciting parts to offer you in the future – getting some of our available products directly from our shop is the best way to support us. You can follow us on our Facebook or Instagram to stay in touch. Thank you!

The Team

SkidNation team - Samuel

A bit of everything

Whether it was Need for Speed or an actual car after getting his driving license, Samuel had a passion for driving since he can remember. He started making custom parts for him and his friends as a hobby, and after seeing the interest in the MX-5 community, he founded SkidNation in 2015. Two years later, he left his job to fully pursue his passion for cars and driving through SkidNation and other car community activities.

He enjoys sideways action more than anything, so you’ll always find him pulling skids in more (or less) appropriate places. Recently he also started off-roading as an alternative when it’s not possible to do track days or road trips.

SkidNation team - Jakub

Packing & Logistics

Jakub was a car enthusiast since childhood, thanks to video games and car magazines. As he says: “You can never expect what becomes of you when you grow up. You can give up on the idea of owning and driving a great car to focus on other things in life, or you can befriend people with similar thinking and become immersed in it.” For Jakub it was the latter. He is responsible for packing your orders and making sure they’ll arrive safe and sound.

You could see Jakub driving around local hills and car events in his first gen. MR2 AW11 and NB MX-5. He also likes youngtimers and oldtimers and would love to own some 60s and 70s classics.

SkidNation team - Michal

Operations specialist

Discussions with Michal always end with cars regardless of what they started with. His relationship with cars and motorsport started by playing racing games on PS1 and continued with an automotive mechatronics university degree. After his first job testing prototype vehicles in a car factory, he focused more on track activities and teaching people how to push their cars closer to the limits. Nowadays he is responsible for taking care of day-to-day operations of the team. He is also managing new product development and launches.

He daily drives an Audi A6 and on the weekend he enjoys his BMW motorbike and a labour of love – an E39 BMW 5 series youngtimer.

SkidNation team - Martin

Online & Visual media

His inner petrolhead woke up the moment he got a video game console with Gran Turismo. With a fresh drivers license and a pizza delivery guy job, driving his beloved (albeit rusty) Mazda 121 he earned enough money to buy his first camera. In 2015 he left university to pursue his passion as a videographer, photographer and graphic designer – primarily because he enjoyed making memes more than paying attention at school. This decision, as he claims, was the best he has ever made. Now with 6 years of experience Martin joined the SkidNation family to help us with creative work.

He enjoys slaying corners with his NB MX-5 during weekends. For other occasions he drives his RWD BMW 3 series (F30).

SkidNation team - Daniel

Copywriting & Web

Cars were his thing since childhood, be it Matchbox models or those in Need For Speed. Long before getting a drivers license he started to wrench on their family beater Skoda Favorit (which he still has). He learned video production while making a student TV car show and later became a car journalist, reviewing hundreds of cars from Dacias to Rolls-Royces. While shooting and editing videos, he is helping SkidNation with the e-shop, copywriting and SEO. He’s also fond of stupid jokes, so you know who is to blame…

Hot hatches are his favourite – or better still, hot estates. At the moment he drives a turbocharged white-block Volvo wagon which he plans to modify into a camera car. In the future, he would love to own the classic Citroen DS.

SkidNation team - Andrej

Prototyping & Engineering

His love of cars started with the NFS Underground. As a passionate fabricator interested in machining technologies and 3D printing, he worked as product application engineer for CNC machines for 5 years, occasionally helping with parts development for Samuel. In 2021 he decided to join the SkidNation team as the head of engineering and development.

He owns a heavily modified 200 WHP naturally aspirated, individual throttle bodied MX-5 NA (our performance parts prototype test mule) in which he likes to participate in slalom races and plans to try time attacks and hill climb racing. Although more into grip racing than skids, he enjoys high speed slides as well.

Let’s work together

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